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There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.
Edith Wharton

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Issue 1: 2002.3.1

I'll start with what I know. I know that I have something to say. I know the people that will hear me are the one's that I'm supposed to be conversing with. If you received this maiden issue it is because you affected my life in such a way that I want to say Thank You. And you have a valid e-mail address. And I know what it is. If you do not wish to receive any further "as Hermes sees it" ramblings, simply hit the reply button and say so.

I love quotes. I really enjoy learning from people who have taken the time to think a subject through enough that it can be distilled down to a short, powerful statement.

A person dear to me gave me a book on a recent special occasion called The Most Brilliant Thoughts of All Time (in Two Lines or Less); edited by John M. Shanahan. The book is categorized into different subject topics, but opens with one unclassified thought:

There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it. Edith Wharton

Exactly. A philosophy that has had a powerful impact on me is "Be that which you wish to become." I have learned that the universe always says yes. The stuff of my thoughts and dreams become my reality if I truly believe they are the truth for me. I want to be the candle, not a mere reflection. When I started being the person I wanted to be, regardless of outside appearances, my life changed dramatically. Now, I need to tell you how things changed and for that, I'll go back to what I know.

Technology has been good to me and it became apparent that the key is to do what you like. I mean everyone. But we'll get back to that. I like these inanimate shiny little boxes a lot, so it may sound a bit weird that I feel I've begun to learn how to use them—today. Yeah man; today. My passion is Music (which is just up ahead) but I can really get into the Tech-stuff. Now, I get to use it as a tool to talk to you.

Ever have the feeling that if it was your choice, you wouldn't be doing what you're doing? I've got news for you. Choice is exactly what you have. For every act, for every thought, you get to choose whether or not to have that experience. Learn to choose differently and your life becomes different. My life continues to leave me awestruck because the choices I now make are the choices that I really want to do. To experience. To be.

When I discussed my new feelings with a special friend, she began her response with “Well, Yeah, In a perfect world that’s the way it could be.” I can no longer not take this action because of the belief that existing system will not let it come to pass. I have to act now, for what I believe in order for a change to take place. It doesn’t matter if I will never see the result of the changes we need. I have to start somewhere in order for the change to take place at all. I may very well never see a perfect world in my lifetime, but that is no excuse to not to try to make things better.

My minister gave a talk about moving an idea “From your head, to your heart, to your hands and your feet.” Its actually taking what you know/think/feel/believe and bringing it to the people around you. Not just sitting back and praying for things to get better because you know they should be. This is step one in that process for. Be ready, because step two is tight around the corner.