Issue 2: 2002.3.2

While I didnít know the ultimate direction these letters would take, I did at least feel that I had the first few pretty well mapped out. Well, a friend once said to me: If you want to hear God laugh, start planning. Wise man he was. I miss you Dr. P. We all do.

So that brings me to issue 2 of this journey Iíve started. And a question for all of you: Have you ever re-read a book. On purpose? For the longest time I couldnít figure that out. On one level, I could grasp it if you didnít understand everything the first time through. But simply for pleasure? For the experience of it? This I didnít get. I donít know when exactly the thought came to me, but I do know I didnít have to re-read anything to get it. Whatís become apparent is that through every life experience we have, we evolve into someone new, or at least a newer version of whom we were. We have a new set of eyes and a newly refreshed mind with which to evaluate things. Hence, the re-reading of a book would be a new experience. A richer experience.

And get this; I always prided myself that when I did read a book, it surely wasnít fiction (unless of course it was considered one of the classics). Whereís the productivity in that? Thereís so much for me to learn, surely it would be a waste to read for entertainment alone. Whatís up with that? Well ego is a funny thing. Funny, but also dangerous. On the other hand, one of the biggest joys I get in life is through movies. I even own a few of the ones I enjoyed the most. Why, but to re-experience them. Either alone or with others. Some whoíve seen them, some for which the viewing will be a brand new experience. While I donít see myself becoming a Ludlum or Grisham fan overnight, I do know that my own preconceived notions have left my life with less enrichment than being open minded has. My ego has cut me off from the sunlight of the spirit once again.

Which brings me to a whole Ďnother experience. I have been fortunate enough lately to spend time with an angel (two of them, actually). The first one is a remarkable person who has restored faith to an area of my life that was pretty heavily damaged recently. The second one, her 3-year old daughter, has led me to reevaluate an area of my life I was sure I had put to rest years ago. There is unbelievable beauty in those two. I am truly blessed to have met them. I hope I do this right. Thanks CG; and thank you Cat. Go Vikings!

As far as a quote for this issue, there are thousands to pick from. So Iíve decided on two. The first relates more to the paragraphs above; the second to thoughts I want to express in issue 3 (unless I start to hear God start to chuckle againÖ).

Itís not what you donít know that will hurt you. Itís what you know that isnít so. Mark Twain

That statement has huge implications, from the daily life-stuff Iíve just talked about to reevaluating life as a whole, which is what led me to start writing this stuff down in the first place. Thatís the theme I hope to continue in the next issue, so hereís another morsel to chew on:

And because Man didn't want to adapt to his environment, he adapted his environment to himself. But he didn't know when to stop. As a result his children are sentenced to 12-16 years of school to learn how to adapt themselves to the environment that Man created for them. From The Gods Must be Crazy

Put that in your pipe and smoke it for a while.


Hermes Sign-off